Тест по английскому языку
1. Where_________from?
a) she is
b) are she
c) is she
d) she are

2. ________Moscow is situated on_______Moscow River
a) a, the
c) ----, the
d) the,the

3. They speak English________than________
a) best, we
b) more good, we
c) better, us
d) better, we

4. Janet is________
a) a my old friend
b) an old my friend
c) an old friend of mine
d) an old friend of me

5. Yesterday he broke________
a) his parent's car
b) car of his parents
c) his parents' car
d) his parents the car

6. Mr. Smith woke up in the middle of the night. He coud hear_______in the garden
a) anybody
b) anything
c) everywhere
d) someone

7. He doesn't speak languages very_______
a) well
b) best
c) better
d) good

8. "________I open the window?" "Yes, please"
a) Shall
b) Would
c) Must be
d) Will

9. I don"t speak Japanese, but Jenny_____
a) does
b) do
c) is speaking
d) speaks

10. My friend________glasses
a) wears
b) wear
c) am wearing
d) wearing

11. Alex didn't come to see the film last night because he____it befor
a) saw
b) had saw
c) had seen
d) was seen

12. I'll see you in August when I_______back
a) will come
b) came
c) will have come
d) come

13. "Have you ever been to France?" "Yes, I________there last August"
a) have been
b) had been
c) went
d) were

14. I________breakfast when the phone rang
a) had
b) have
c) was having
d) am having

15. She told him that if he________his promise, she________speak to him again
a) break-would never
b) break-will never
c) broke-will never
d) broke-would never

16. It rained all day yesterday,_______?
a) no
b) didn't it
c) isn't it
d) it didn't

17. "_________?" "She is tall and clever"
a) Who is she
b) What is she
c) What is she like
d) How is she like

18. My son asked me_______let him_______go to the club
a) to, ---
b) to, to
c) ---, to
d) ---

19. He left the room_______by no one
a) see
b) seeing
c) seen
d) sow

20. This record-shop________be a book shop a few years ago
a) used
b) used to
c) use
d) used

21. I'm_________in the news
a) interesting
b) interested
c) exciting
d) interest

22. He came_______train
a) with a
b) by a
c) with
d) by

23. I don't know where he is, he hasn't arrived_______
a) yet
b) already
c) since
d) still

24. We arrived _________the airport in time
a) at
b) on
c) in
d) ---

25. They______the bus
a) were waiting
b) was waiting for
c) was waiting
d) were waiting for